CCNA V3 200-125 New Topics

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CCNA V3 200-125 New Topics

اهم الموضوعات الجديده بكورس سيسكو الاصدار الثالث

لقد تم اضافه بعض المواضيع الجديده والمتقدمه في كورس سيسكو الاصدار الثالث 

CCNA 200-125

الموضوعات المضافه تتمثل في الاتي

Describe the effects of cloud resources on enterprise network 


 Traffic path to internal and external cloud services

Virtual services

Basic virtual network infrastructure

Apply troubleshooting methodologies to resolve problems

 Perform fault isolation and document

Resolve or escalate

Verify and monitor resolution

Troubleshoot interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, 

duplex, speed)

Configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs (normal/extended 

range) spanning multiple switches

 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot interswitch connectivity

DTP, VTP (v1&v2), and 802.1Q

 Configure and verify Layer 2 protocols

Cisco Discovery Protocol


Describe the benefits of switch stacking and chassis 


Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 static 


Host route

Configure, verify, and troubleshoot single area and 
multiarea OSPFv3 for IPv6 (excluding authentication, filtering, 
manual summarization, redistribution, stub, virtual-link, and 


Configure, verify, and troubleshoot PPPoE client-side 

interfaces using local authentication

Describe WAN topology options 

Single vs dual-homed

Describe WAN access connectivity options

 Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)

Configure and verify single-homed branch connectivity using 
eBGP IPv4 (limited to peering and route advertisement using 

Network command only)

Describe basic QoS concepts


 Device trust




Congestion management

Troubleshoot client connectivity issues involving DNS

Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic HSRP




Configure and verify NTP operating in a client/server mode

Describe common access layer threat mitigation techniques

a 802.1x

DHCP snooping

 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 access list 

for traffic filtering

Verify ACLs using the APIC-EM ACL Analysis tool

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